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FAQ on Allowance, Leave, MACP, LTC, Seniority and Reservation

FAQ on Allowance, Leave, ACP, MACP, LTC, Seniority, Sexual Harassment, Administrative Tribunals, Compassionate Appointment, Non Functional Upgradation, Joint Consultative and Arbitration and Reservation

FAQ on Various Subjects

Title Details
Allowance Download
Allowance (Supplement) Download
Allowance (CEA, OTA/NDA, Honorarium/Fee, Leave) Download
Leave Download
Policy of Reservation to SCs, STs and OBCs Download
Policy of Reservation to Ex-Serviceman Download
Policy of Reservation to Persons with Disabilities Download
ACP/MACP Schemes Download
Sexual Harassment of Women at Working Place Download
Flexible Complementing Scheme Download
Time limit for disposal of Disciplinary Cases Link
Administrative Tribunals Download
Compassionate Appointment Download
Compassionate Appointment (New) Download
Recruitment Rules Download
Non Functional Upgradation (NFU) Download
LTC Download
LTC (NEW) Download
Seniority Download
Joint Consultative and Arbitration Download
Related to UPSC, APAR and Commercial Employment after Retirement Download

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