DoPT: All India Civil Services Power lifting, Weightlifting & Best Physique Tournament 2017-18 at New Delhi

Central Civil Services Cultural & Sports Board


Dated 07.03.2018

Chief Secretary of al l States/UTs and;
Secretary, General Administration Departments of all States/UTs

Sub: DoPT: All India Civil Services Power lifting, Weightlifting & Best Physique Tournament 2017-18 at New Delhi.

The Central Civil Services Cultural & Sports Board (CCSCSB) is organizing All India Civil Services Power lifting, Weightlifting & Best Physique Tournament 2017-18 in New Delhi. Details of the tournament are as under:

Game/Event Dates Team Composition Venue
2. AICS Power Lifting 23.03.2018 to 26.03.2018 Men
Grih Kalyan Kendra, Community Centre, Raja Bazar, Near Gole Market, New Delhi
3. AICS Weightlifting & Best Physique Men

2. A copy of the updated rules for All India Civil Services Tournaments indicating elig ibility criteria, composition of Team, Ru les of games etc. has already been
circu lated to all concerned. The same is avai lable on the website at http ://> SportS->
Recent /General Circulars -> All India Civil Service Tournament.

3. The States/UTs and Regional Sports Boards are requested to consider sending their teams for the above All India Civil Services Power lifting, Weightlifting & Best Physique Tournament. The entries may be sent in the prescribed proforma (copy attached) to the Secretary, CCSCSB at Room No.361, B-wing, 3rd Floor, Lok Nayak
Bhawan, Khan Market, New Delhi on or before 21st March, 2018. While forwarding the names of partiCipants for the said tournaments, the competent authority may please ensure that all the partiCipants are medically fit to participate in the said tournaments/events.

4 . List of players along with photocopy of their Identity Card should be authenticated by the authorized officer under his signature & seal.

5. All the participants shall carry individual Identity Card/Identity Slip for verification of eligibility criteria by the Organizing Committee/Representatives of the
Board at the venue of the All India Civil Services Tournament.

6. Managers’ meeting will be held at 5:00 PM on 22nd March, 2018 at the venue of Tournament.

7. Addresses, Telephone Numbers, E-mail Addresses may be indicated by the participating States/UTs/RSBs.

8. Every participating team may bring two flags representing their States/UTs/Regional Sports Board with them.

9. It should be ensured that every member of the team reports at the venue and participates in the tournament as scheduled. Failure to do so shall be treated as an act of indiscipline. All the participants sha ll maintain strict discipline on and off the venue of the tournament. Any act of indiscipline /misbehavior /misconduct will attract the provision of CCS (Conduct) Rules since Government Employees are treated ‘ON DUTY’ during All India Civil Services Tournament.

10. The information about rules and regulation, entry form, change in dates/venue/cancellation etc. about the AICS Tournament is be avai lable on our
website>Department of Personnel & Training ->About uS->Welfare->Sports->AICS Tournament Rules. All the participants’ teams are,
therefore requested to check from our website/organ izers of the tournament about any possible change before starting their journey.

11. Referees’/Umpires’ decision shall be final and binding on the competing teams.

12. Participants are requested to make their own arrangement of accommodation & transport facilities.

13 . For any query regarding tournament the following officers may be contacted:

Name Contact no E-Mail
1. Shri Kulbhusan Malhotra,
Secretary, CCSCSB
011-24646961 [email protected]
2. Shri Abhishek Office Assistant 9891745842
3. Shri Sandeep Aswal Jr. Games Supervisor 7838915561
4. Shri Mahesh Prasad, Convener, CCSCSB 9810987370 [email protected]

14. Names and designations of other contact officers for accommodation, transport etc. will be intimated later.


Source: DoPT

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