Announcement of DA Hike and Ad-hoc Bonus for Central Government Employees?

Announcement of DA Hike and Ad-hoc Bonus for Central Government Employees?

7th Pay Commission latest news today: Announcement on Dearness Allowance hike & Ad-hoc Bonus? Modi Cabinet meeting scheduled today

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7th Pay Commission latest news today: Around 1.1 crore central government employees are eagerly waiting for the announcement of an increase in their Dearness Allowance (DA). The festive season has virtually started and Dussehra, Diwali and other big holy days are just around the corner. This is the time when everyone celebrates these festivals with pomp and splendour and that includes central government employees too. For this money is required and so far the extra amount from DA has not reached them. They have been waiting for the good news announcing the granting of DA. However, this has not happened so far and today Modi Cabinet meeting is scheduled today will start at evening 06.30 PM of 03rd Oct, 2019.

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They were hopeful that it will be announced in last month September 2019, but due to PM’s foreign visit the announcement get delayed. The announcement of the DA hike is made by government usually by mid-September. It is October now and the same has not happened. Now the the same should have happened today in Cabinet meeting scheduled today evening around 6.30 pm as per news sources. and the chances of the 7th pay commission (7th CPC) linked DA hike and Ad-hoc Bonus are to be considered.

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Expectations are that the government may announce it by Dussehra in October. The government is expected to announce DA hike of 5% and this translates from between Rs 900 to Rs 12,500 per month increase in salary, depending on the pay levels. The 5% increase in DA of central government employees, if it happens, will be the highest in 3 years. The reason for this is the rise in inflation in AICPI during January to June 2019. Inflation in the AICPI figures for January to June has risen by more than 5%.

Ad-hoc Bonus for Central Government Employees is also on the cards as PL Bonus to Railways and Defence Employees have already approved. Now, it will also be announced on today and will be great festival gift from the Modi Cabinet to all non-gazetted central government employees.

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